4am between NYC and anywhere…

Waitin’, watchin’ the clock …

it’s 4am between NYC and anywhere but right here right now…

He opens the door, she rolls over, pretends to sleep as he looks her over…

ear buds and dirty dishes, Pearl Jam, iMusic, repeat…can’t get you out of my eyes. can’t ever get this kitchen clean. pale blue sleepless wonders. can’t get you from here. 

pirates on planes and voices from angels that can’t find the words to say… today is different, because he hasn’t changed 

what time is it in Pittsburg? I hear they have hills

She lies and says she’s in love with him…she dreams in color, she dreams of him…

she drinks coffee and I drink tea and pirates leave. at least that’s one thing we’ve got

it’s got to stop

talkin’ to myself 

there’s no-one else who needs to know 

that’s why she’ll be back again…

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2 thoughts on “4am between NYC and anywhere…

  1. The words…the song….so true…..life

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