angels and whispers

angels have blue eyes, don’t they?

they whisper in the night and find you waiting with words and tongues

in faded denim and silky white shirt tails that dance behind

flippant reminders of once upon a time

flying bedsheets

I see her walking

the way she does

long blonde curls

short and dark

pale white




poolside stripes


bunnies on the grass

she doesn’t look back and I don’t call out

I know her way

the way she pushes her buttons

the way she pushes her hair behind her ear where her glasses sit

the scarf she ties on her handbag

and the blue flowers

that say so much more

than she ever does

angels and whispers

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3 thoughts on “angels and whispers

  1. My angel post was inspired by a prompt another blogger gave me. I love this post. It was like you were in on our challenge. πŸ™‚

  2. Taylor Jamieson on said:

    …how do you know when you’ve met an angel?

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