Dear Darlin’ Yes, you deserve a love letter

Just read Love Letters To A Ghost latest post, Write me a love letter…

Dear Darlin,…that is the opening of a letter inside the album cover of Baja Sessions by Chriss Isaak that I have borrowed more times than I remember. He writes to a love like Sweet Lalani, heavenly flower, you know the one…only she’s left him and he wants to tell her he knows and he loves her and in the parting line he says simply, ‘keep your car clean’.

Yes, you deserve that…yes, you do.

File:Baja Sessions - Chris Isaak.jpg


Dear Darlin,

You have love on your tongue and it drips from your finger tips in the spaces between the years where the clocks have stopped…

…but I know there is no taste when you bite the memories on your bottom lip without his empty mouth.

You hear words of love in the voice of your own reading, not his

and you fill the empty spaces with empty love, like Roxanne

with words he never said, words he never sent

…and I’m so sorry, because I know them all so well.



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3 thoughts on “Dear Darlin’ Yes, you deserve a love letter

  1. I know the post is called “Write Me a Love Letter,” but I never expected someone to actually write me one. You are amazing! Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Taylor Jamieson on said:

      I know how that feels…we all wait for letters in bottles sometimes, some more than others, and some that never leave the shore, some that never meet like Griffin and Sabine.

      You will find yours when you are ready to start looking. Yes, you will.

  2. Taylor Jamieson on said:

    “I think they’re jealous of your blue eyes…”

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