Let me steal you for seven minutes… a Sunday Post

Found this on an empty Sunday train in the rain…


Let me borrow, no, let me steal you for seven minutes and two more seconds.

My hands felt so empty when the words fell from hers like the waking noise of the remote hitting the floor beside the fading leather love seat.  Mahogany memories of letters and dreams and years passing beside the hum of the fish tank filter and the refrigerator down the hall where tiny strings of lights beneath the trim remind us it’s not morning.

seven minutes



The rain water poured from the corner flashing above the staircase with the glass canopy and I walked below with my coat on my sleeve and a thousand tiny splashes danced round the umbrella beside the path with the painted ponies.  I looked down and paused past the fading circles in the sidewalk and imagined them in Polaroid pictures like the snap shots in albums on a voyage to Mallorca, Spain, 1979.

Seven minutes and a lifetime…

I wonder if she hates that she was happy then, laughing with the lens, reading those letters and saying those things when she felt safe and certain and short of breath with a smile and a lemon tree.  I wonder how he misses her now …how he would peel back the paper and take back the words…even for a moment, for another second in that place where she imagined he would be, where ever that was, once upon a time.

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