the world across the street

Wednesday is my Monday…it’s the day where routine and responsibility meet the clocks and agendas without pause.  Wife’s at work before the rest of us are awake, kids both have school, and I have to catch a bus and a train and make all the lunches and bells and the weekly boardroom by 10am. 

It’s 9:19…


Missed my bus and ran across the street to catch the next driver heading in the wrong direction round the same circle to the wrong station further south rather than wait 11 minutes wondering how to screen capture the snowflakes falling on my phone.  11 minutes in the timeless escape of the commute where there is nothing I can do to get downtown any faster on a snowy day in February…but I cross the street and everything changes…

I don’t recognize the driver’s face or the other people in the seats or the stops…or anything but my neighborhood spinning by backward.  There is a long path from the school I never noticed and a long loop past the station that wasn’t there before and a young man in a blue jacket with no hat who says, ‘bless you’, through my ear buds when I sneeze crossing the tracks to the platform.  I say, ‘thankyou’, and take in this new world, a world away from my every day but just the same…

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