A Sunday Post…when we have nothing else we have the sunshine.

When we have nothing else we have the sunshine…I thought to myself just now on the short walk to the bus stop with a pocket full of nickles and dimes.

“Goodmorning!”, the driver repeated to the two girls in LuluLemon pants with a smile.
“I had to rob the piggy bank.” I said, as I emptied my pocket….klink, klink, klink.
“That’s OK.”

He’s said, “Good morning”, eleven times now and just now, “Have a nice day, bye!”, to the little asian lady with the shopping bag and the dad with the little curly haired boy looking over his shoulder waving.  He laughs and we move on.


The kids had cereal and toast with Cinderella 3, with the cabinet half closed to the bright light coming through the drapes.

“I wonder why the mice call him Lucifi?”, my son asks.
“That’s why his name is Lucifi.”, his little sister answers but they stop the conversation when they are interrupted by some little grey birds on the pine tree in our front yard.

Grey, white, black beaked blurs picking at pine nuts that were frozen two days ago at 27 degrees below freezing…and Shadow the neighbors much neglected black cat is nowhere in sight.

I envy the birds and the cats and the kids…they don’t see the worries and the coins and regrets or the memories of pouring the boney ashes into my palm of yet another lost soul, tossing his scattered life to the wind and the Great Raven circling above on a sunny peak after a long climb with his sister and that band of brothers so far from right here on a day just like today.

When we have nothing else, we have the sunshine.

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One thought on “A Sunday Post…when we have nothing else we have the sunshine.

  1. nice! ahh, to be a kid, of any age.

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