wednesday is my new monday

Wednesday is my new Monday.

I have time to write because I am still a 40 minute bus and train ride from my ten AM board meeting…that starts in 45! damn…


Six AM alarm…no, really?  Second alarm on my phone, awake, asleep, seven fifteen the door handle down the hall rattles before the little footsteps.  The little one sees Dada, closes her door and goes back to bed with an, “I want Mama.”

Snuggles on the couch, wake up big brother, Eggo’s and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, laugh, shave, school in ten minutes, thank god they are racing to see who can get dressed and brush teeth by the time I’m out if the shower. 

Take a moment to breath in the shirt I pressed last night…Boss tie, Dolce pants, soccer net in the hallway…game over.

Jackets, boots, lunches, keys, kisses. We are out the door and I have no time to even wonder if I forgot anything else…look at my watch, damn, no, automatic stopped ticking since I haven’t had it on for two days of cartoons and snow forts.

…drop off the car for Mama at the gym after following the bus I should be on on the way over. Drop the keys and drop through the dirty snowbank nearly to my knee stepping onto the next bus.

The heater is beyond hot beneath my seat on the train but I have a seat so I’m not moving.  Northbound rails to the core…one station closed en route so we save a few minutes and I scramble down these words on tiny touch letters with Arrested Development pumping in the beats of the same ride I wrote about 20 years ago…

I love my kids, my life, my work, but really…

Wednesday is my new Monday.

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