letters to myself…part one

…the lightness of this morning’s snow surprised me as I noticed it around the edges of the blinds in pure white light.  Floating on still air, millions upon millions of dancing legions come to rest.  The warmth of mid-day turns the grey sky to heavy rain and the blanket of morning snow a spotted remain.

north of Fissile

Today I was lost in the visions of my love coming home.  That surprise in her has yet to fail me.  By now, I think, I should be surprised when she does arrive but I still have my faith.

Peace becomes me.

She said it’s as if I live in a different world.

I think I do.

I laugh at my troubled self.  I will someday be satisfied that I will never have all the answers to this life.  That they are more simple and more true than they appear, I am certain.  The spirit of Henry V ‘fills my nostrils and bends my brow and sets my teeth upon their points’.  Into the breach… I will go again and again.  I may stumble and falter and wave from my path but I will rise again.  I will fill my sails until I am done. My bones that lay broken and my severed limbs will be my ransom.

What ever it will be, let your course be true and see it through to the end.  The golden hair that once graced your pillows will dance again in these hollow spaces and the gentle giggles and girlish sighs will fill your silent waiting.  Her soft caress will smooth your brow and rest your aching.  The wisdom of your character will shine in silver and grey and her young spirit and beauty and her body…will carry the bounty of younger days.

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