everything changes new year’s day

We walked down the road from the parking lot then over the bank and around the corner, and the next, and down the slope found this on the edge of the wood…


In snowsuits and Sorels with snowshoes and smiles we found ourselves on a frozen pond, with a hockey net, shoveled clear on new year’s day.

“If the ice breaks you lay down flat and I will come get you.”

You never know. I remember breaking through the ice near the elementary school at my son’s age…and seeing the white light turn dark under the snow two years ago…you never know.

You never know when your world will change. Avalanches, cancer, car crashes, the mountains, the ocean, the drink…the world has taken the ones we love for every reason but for living and today we, so many of us, believe we have been given the gift of beginning the rest of our lives again because we flip the pages of a new calendar.

The truth…nothing changed today but you should have seen the look in my kids’ eyes when they saw the pond, and my wife smiling at me in a touque with pigtails, and how the sunshine at 5 degrees below freezing was so warm we took our gloves off.

Today changes everything because I believe this world is what we make it. Imagine…imagine¬†everyday was new year’s day.

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