Girls…in a day where one man too many went out of his way to disrespect a woman I admire on Twitter, I wonder what kind of place our world would be if every man was required to follow my steps through a post secondary education on women before being released on the world…a  world where the awareness and potential of girls and women in society has never been more profound.

How Canadian would that be?  Rather than enlist our young men in limited military service like our friends in Mexico or Israel, or build an economic model where oil and gas drive engineering and earth science, we enroll men in a course load of critical studies of the fairer sex.  We harness their misguided half-truths with classrooms of educated women, which all inevitably outnumber them a dozen to one, hosted by leaders of thought and spirit who shape the world my daughter will one day lead.

It’s true, I never intended my ambitions in business and law to bend themselves into more meaningful pursuits but when the time came to fill course schedules in the late 80’s and early 90’s there was nothing more alluring than the opportunity and potential to read your words and hear your voices.   Female Autobiographies, Female Archetypes in Canadian Literature, Novels, Poetry, Susanna Moodie, Gertrude Stein, Han Suyin, Emily Carr, Sylvia Plath, Margaret Atwood – insert your list here – don’t forget Anais Nin, and so many more…and more so than the words, the names and faces that surrounded and educated me in those classrooms that shaped me into the man I am today and the father and mentor I hope to be.

Add to those lessons, five older sisters and step sisters and one more younger when I was 10 and I was not only intrigued but content to spend those hours in pages and debates (in one class in particular I was the only male) which left me here today searching for what more I, or better yet, we, can learn to change a world of men that have come unglued from the place of respect where women were protected and adorned with the gift of educating the next generation.

This is a time where there is no excuse gentlemen.  Educate yourselves.

Go there…and in the meantime, start here – CLICK: The Girl Effect

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