Fifty days ’til Valentines

my valentine

Fifty days ’til Valentines, Sean Penn is a half-way-to-a-hundred guy in the new Esquire, Fifty Shades of Grey, and yes, one day I’ll be fifty.

I said in words that become deeds I would write for 50 days…read the article in Esquire, watched Sean speak to Haiti on Zeitgeist Americas and YouTube suggested some Morrissey songs before New Order – Blue Monday – flashed on the screen and 25 years of falling in love brought me back to the timeless escape of 1987 and beyond.

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover on the ’76 single speaker of a yellow school bus rattling down Saskatchewan back roads to Clavet. These are fifty windows in time…in pale blue eyes.

“Oh you’ve got green eyes, oh you’ve got blue eyes, oh you’ve got grey eyes…” New Order – Temptation – reminds me of the naked teen-aged mirror in the bathroom that came crashing down and the stitches on my shoulder and arm and all the times it could have been so much worse.  Yes, the giant mirror in my bathroom literally detached and smashed over my head as I was getting ready to get into the shower.  You can’t see a mirror falling, only your own green, blue, grey eyes before the inevitable scream and glass shattering and blood and stitches and the random inexplicable grace…and when I look back at fifty I know I’ll still see myself looking back.

Sean Penn in Esquire, “Bob Dylan said in an interview one time – somebody asked him, Are you really this reclusive? He Says, No, I’m not reclusive, man, I’m exclusive. Exclusivity is like intimacy.”

50 days in summer love in a cold winter between train rides and shopping malls.  Fifty…tomorrow 49.

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