less is more…a new theme, a late night and an old song

less is more

“For the first time

I’m trying to be

something that is real.”

and though I know I’m starting again

it feels like this is the end…” 

someone said something when the walls were falling down…and I pushed the envelope past the edge of embracing, past the skeptical undertone of the Famous, Rich and Beautiful and the haunting rhythmic realities of times forgotten in dreamy escapes in her car, and I didn’t look back

the days and weeks turned years past and 5 hours of painting later my android was still looping that album in the background and I knew I would write again…something, someone, somewhere, soon.  it’s time

blue jeans, mirrors and pale blue eyes

‘it hurts to love you’ says more than I dare, but the truth of moving on and facing the empty end of what was my sometimes home and opening the doors of a brave new world without you right there beside me…


yes…that means you

are you with me? Come with me and breathe…and bite your tongue, and laugh, and scream and run into the naked waters of the words holding my hand and say it out loud, say what I long to say with your tongue in quiet rooms, and shout down the halls, and whisper in stolen moments, with my mouth

say the words…

this is it

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One thought on “less is more…a new theme, a late night and an old song

  1. Taylor Jamieson on said:

    Do you know the song?

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