“I see skies of BLUE…” mermaids and seagulls


Dear Darlin’

I see friends shaking hands saying “how do you do?…”

They’re really saying, “I love you.”

That’s where you’ll find me…with a stainless steel cup, a green tea with three sugars.  Somewhere behind keypads and cash-tills, on hand oiled maple chopping block counters that are smoothed and weathered by my elbows and palms, and beneath my feet the mats are worn thin standing on one sandal.  Click, click…pause…

…the dreams that you dreamed of once in a lullaby…wake up with the clouds far behind.

Wake on that pillow, the one that you dream on, and find me there.  Mermaids and seagulls and towers in the sky fall like angels into the mirror, fall into the sky, into pale blue reminders.  Close your eyes and fall with me.

I said close your eyes…and fall

like the first time

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4 thoughts on ““I see skies of BLUE…” mermaids and seagulls

  1. “fall like angels into the mirror”

    That is just gorgeous.

  2. Taylor Jamieson on said:
  3. Taylor Jamieson on said:


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