“men rise and fall like winter wheat”


“Men rise and fall like winter wheat…”, even today, in simple words, in sandals and jeans, in bare feet between stones on the watery path that runs down my street where we washed the car on a sunny summer’s day.  We are made and undone in words and deeds that spread thin across pages and years lost count, in mirrors and picture frames, in promises and love.  Yes, love. 

The night we met you danced and smiled and I wonder what happened to that pale blue ribbed v-neck t-shirt in the years between then and now.  How many times have I said, “I love you like the first time“?  How many midnights have passed into tomorrows between keypads and pencils and stolen moments on the ends of sofas with paper lamps and a lemon tree and the sound of the fish tank bumbling in the background? 

Awake, asleep, a dream…let me say I lived in this time and heard our daughter’s voice and opened her door and swear she said, “Dada’, in her sleep.  Let me say I lived the life he could never grasp.  Lay down your sword and walk away. “They envy us because we are mortal.” Achilles says…but pennies on eye lids are too generous for blind ferrymen and kings too proud to see. 

The words want my love…tonight…but I want yours.

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One thought on ““men rise and fall like winter wheat”

  1. “Let me say I lived the life he could never grasp.”



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