“Sooner or later…save it for later”

 “You run away, run away, run away, let me down…”

Can we have The English Beat back now?  Can we have love songs that were sad and lamenting and oh so sarcastically cool?  Teenage night club nights tapping toes and nodding heads and spinning and singing in circles like there was no-one in the world but the dream of another, spin around…eyes closed, horns and back beats, and nickel beers until 10:00pm.

“It’s not a joke, it’s cards on the table top…” 

More Beat…where did you go?  I know it was my fault but damn it, you know I can’t stop writing those letters once I start.  Long drives down prairie roads with downtown lights fading in the horizon in the rear view.  I would have driven to the moon.  I went home and wrote until the words faded into the bright light.   “I had to break the news without breakin’ your heart…” 

“Mirror in the Bathroom…”

….walked down the hall and were drinking water topless in the kitchen when Mike walked in and we all laughed.  Square showers and tiny tiles…a brass duck and a trip to the airport in the morning.

I confess, I confess, I confess…”  Click this and read it again…and smile.

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