the world moved today




The world moved today… did you feel that?  87 dead in Norway, 400,000 in a refugee camp in Somalia, an unknown numer of occupants in a camper-van all dead on highway 93…that road I have driven so many times.


…I fell asleep at the wheel on that drive east of the Rockies once upon a time and drove clear off the road.  With some grace I was passing one of a very few random intersections.   I barely felt the bump leaving the highway, then the rumble under my seat rolling over the dirt and grass of the median and miracle of miracles the sudden jolt that woke me when I crossed onto the lane merging back onto my route and instinctively kept driving.  Windows open, radio, louder, stop, walk, pee break, drive…asleep…AWAKE!

I could fill a page with reckless stories of how I never thought I should see 30…never thought of 40… and yet my friends and former colleagues in Oslo said goodbye to their young children and simply walked to work this morning like every other day, and on the late news tonight, a young mother in Somalia walked 30 days to a refugee camp giving birth to her unfed child along the way…that was 14 days ago.

Do you feel that?  Rwanda, The Congo, Afghanistan, the homeless man in front of the Four Seasons Vancouver with the sign that simply read, ‘food’.  “Do you think he would like the bar or the tube?”, I said to my son.  “The bar,” he said.  “Here, you give it to him.” 

Police in a press conference in Norway just confirmed at least 84 dead and the search continues into the night, “…we cannot rule out others may be involved…”

Do you feel that…?

What can I say about my own little world and the bike shoes in the living room and half eaten cereal bowls on the table?  What else can I say?  This shrinking world is bridging the gap of the everyday with the plites and causes of people in places so much the same and so much more real than these little black keys if we choose to open our eyes and see more than our own little stories.

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