Ansel Adams, My son and A Book of Letters


“In my mind’s eye I see something that’s not literally there.”
Ansel Adams – via The Masters Series – Knowledge Network

Found this quote written in pencil in 2008 in a book of letters I have written to my son and then this;

In stolen moments in black and white he captured forever the rapture of the creation, of spirit, hidden between the literal.  When you see the images, photos I’ve taken or the scattered drawings or paintings (or read these words), don’t just see what the everyday tells you to see, see inside my mind’s eye, see with my eyes what I see…and while I’ve never been a religious man myself, I believe Ansel would agree, “if you listen closely, beneath the rocks, are the words of god” (A River Runs Through It).  

Looking back at all the mountain passes and southwestern desert pueblos and churches I have long past visited, I see his constant search and demand of a heavenly earth, pure and uninterupted by the random meaninglessness of man.

In the end, I never knew he played such an eloquent piano and loved his wife so well at twenty six years old.

I’ve always reached for someone to see what I see inside and maybe even understand.  One day I may write a book, or better yet, I may see, finally see, I already have.

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One thought on “Ansel Adams, My son and A Book of Letters

  1. Yes, you are right, I do like this one…


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