“White Riot, I want a riot…white riot a riot of my own!”

“White Riot, I want a riot…white riot a riot of my own!” Cue that heavy 70’s Clash guitar and stand back.  Stand back Vancouver, I’m not done yet… 


You can sweep the glass from your sidewalks and scrub the smokey soot from the grey stone Hudson’s Bay Company walls, and you can even write, “I’m sorry…”, on your looted out boarded up windows and stick a thousand yellow “thank you” post-it notes with happy faces and hearts on VPD squad cars (BTW, I’m pretty sure the men in blue who suited up without being called to work Wednesday night would rather have stayed home with their families.)  You can ‘tweet’ and ‘like’ and post your generation-i i-photos and vids with pride (WTF?) and then you can rat-out some water-polo star athletes who couldn’t figure out how to light a shirt on fire to torch one of those police cruisers (doesn’t make you not guilty buddy).  While you’re at it, you can even debate the serious breaches of liberty, probable cause and due process of ‘tagging’ last Wednesdays alleged thieves and vandals at the Canuck’s post-mortem, er, I mean party…what ever…all in attendance AFTER  the police read the riot act of unlawful assembly on loud speakers all over the downtown core.  You can do it all Canada and everyone else watching around the world who has joined in the fun BUT HEAR THIS;

 I AM CANADIAN damn it, and I woke up on June 15th and it was 10 f*cking degrees outside!  10 Degrees!!??  You know, 10 Degrees above f*cking freezing!  You want to riot Vancouver?  You 20-year-old punks in $150 Canuck’s team jerseys and your $200 Athlete’s World Nike Air Force High’s who can’t handle a few too many beers want to riot?  You Canucks fans who lost the biggest game in NHL history, the Stanley Cup Final playoff game 7, AGAIN! You want to riot?  (Especially after the precious Canucks didn’t even make a statement on Hockey Night in Canada after the game…?)  You want a riot?  Where’s Summer? F*ck you guys!  I want a riot!!

I want to jump on a car and smash some windows!  It’s now June 18th and it was 9 f*cking degrees outside this morning and the struggling local inde-shops are loaded with tank tops, bikinis and board shorts.   You think the shop owners don’t want to riot?  A huge black bear just walked through my yard looking for food (right now…seriously).  Someone stole the charity money from my son’s elementary school dance.  Personal debt levels in Canada just hit another all time high.  I sold my precious V8 Crew Cab 4×4 to save on gas money…and I’m not even going to touch the geniuses in municipalities at home and around the world slapping  ‘Pay Parking’ signs all over town to make up for their over spending or the sheer audacity of the idiots sending burning asphalt production fumes into our newest Olympic legacy neighborhood despite a publicly published cease and desist ban issued almost a month ago.  F*ck me!  F*ck you, you spoiled Vancouver punks!  You don’t think I want a riot?!  I WANT A RIOT!!!    Get in line.

White Riot – The Clash 1978

White riot – I wanna riot
White riot – a riot of my own
White riot – I wanna riot
White riot – a riot of my own

Black people gotta lot a problems
But they don’t mind throwing a brick
White people go to school
Where they teach you how to be thick

An’ everybody’s doing
Just what they’re told to
An’ nobody wants
To go to jail!

White riot – I wanna riot
White riot – a riot of my own
White riot – I wanna riot
White riot – a riot of my own

All the power’s in the hands
Of people rich enough to buy it
While we walk the street
Too chicken to even try it

Everybody’s doing
Just what they’re told to
Nobody wants
To go to jail!

White riot – I wanna riot
White riot – a riot of my own
White riot – I wanna riot
White riot – a riot of my own

Are you taking over
or are you taking orders?
Are you going backwards
Or are you going forwards?

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4 thoughts on ““White Riot, I want a riot…white riot a riot of my own!”

  1. Taylor Jamieson on said:

    Woke up with this song in my head. Yes, The Clash LIVE – #whiteriot 1978


  2. YOU TELL EM!!!! I think it is absolutely shameful (not just of Canadian Canucks Fans but of any team fans of any kind) to act in such a manner over a game they didn’t get paid to play and win. I’m sure the Canucks coach would love to burn a car or two after that loss. But sh*t, really? It is immature, stupid, and shows poorly to the rest of the world.

    As for your weather? You can come here. Sunny and 87 😉 …

  3. Taylor Jamieson on said:

    Thanks for reading and your comment.

    It takes a great team to take responsibility for their fans / followers and their actions. It’s amazing to me the people of this great city are apologizing for the them.

    Meanwhile, sometimes I just have to say what I REALLY want to say.

    Dig your site…Have a great Fathers Day.


    • I’m half-Canadian, and all I could think when this happened was, “Ah crap, not Canada, too?” Americans are known for being self-indulgent, whiny, spoiled brats who would riot at the drop of a hat. We’ve been known to riot for winning (LA Lakers ’09). But for losing? That just looks bad on even more levels….

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