The letters I never sent…

I wrote two letters I never sent and today’s paper said it all before I had the chance…or did it?  Where to begin…


The proceeds from my son’s elementary  fundraiser were stolen the night of the school dance and the editor pieced together the near tragic state of a community where this is someone’s last resort…tourism down, people losing their jobs, businesses closing.  I hope with all my heart they really needed the money.  No, no ethical condemnation, no fists clenched, no sacred betrayal of the public trust, no call for justice, no, none of that, just a simple voice asking, “where are we?”  Is this the new reality?  Is this the part that comes when Canadians are finally swept into the global economic crisis that has enveloped the world outside our wintry white snow-globe of self-declared financial stability? That could never happen here, I mean, what happened to them, could it?  In a word, yes.

While the line of Mercedes and BMW’s picking up their kids in the bus loop seems to be growing (?) I drive over to the parking lot in my Chevy (made in Canada BTW) to pick up my son most every day and carry my sleepy little girl around the building over to the primary playground where they wait for the bell with their puppies and I can physically feel the divide between us and looking back in the wake of a pending federal election I wrote the first letter. 

Years earlier I drove through the Mexican Yucatan en route to Cancun from Chichen Itza and saw TV’s glowing in the white washed homes with curtains for windows and blankets for doors and wondered if this is how our home would look without our long cold winters…

Meanwhile, the local food bank has reached record demand and the municipal government is waffling over implementing user fees for public amenities after a groundswell of resistance from local residents sent them back to the drawing board.  (The short answer is we don’t have the money they need.)  A few pages later I read the Roger’s Video Store is closing after ‘deciding not to renew their lease’.  Is this the new reality?  Who is next?
The second letter came quickly…what can we say?  What can we do?  What can we ask?  How can we possibly know which of our friends and neighbors are too proud to ask for a little help, before it’s too late and we’re no longer what we were?

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