Paper Lamps and a Lemon Tree…

Paper lamps and a lemon tree… the sound of the refrigerator drifts in and the 2:20am voices outside drift into an obscure memory of another day.  These paper lamps and my skinny little lemon tree that has never known a lemon mean so much more to me than the world should ever understand in clicks and bytes.  Bites of life open and close on laptops and iPhones somewhere, sometime where you have no idea they are real…do you?  They are right there, right here, right now beside me, beside the toys and schedules and deposit slips and the baby Advil because my little girl has a new tooth and a temperature  that woke me nearly 3 hours ago.  The small town weekly is on there too, under the crayon colored penguin page like a line from William Carlos Williams, like the water and the chickens beside “the red wheelbarrow”1 and the note that told her “I ate the peach”…it is all real.  Sometimes I need to remind myself, and you.

“Driving through Minnesota during the Hanoi bombings”2, reminded us all somewhere in time, somewhere out of sight it is happening simply because we can’t see.  We can’t see the little girls in Afghanistan who can’t go to school, who cover their faces, who wait for us to see…to change the world. 


Save a girl save the world… )

Click, click, click…channels and pages and windows open and close,  You can’t close the window if you don’t have one.  You can’t stop the hand that slaps you when you are a child, that holds you down, that stops your voice until you find another and shout it out.

Paper lamps and lemon trees, and a goldfish who never complains when we forget to feed him.  He’s real too…he’s 9 years old.  Can you tell the difference?  Can you tell what’s real today?  Can you tell behind that screen that I wrote this on a piece of paper folded in four with my wife’s pen because my pencil is in the other room where she is sleeping? Where am I?  Where am I going with this?  What kind of world will my little girl see when she is old enough to make me worry…1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12…I already do. 


The Girl effect dot ORG “There are three things you can do right now.”



1″the red wheelbarrow”, William Carlos Williams via

2″Driving through Minnesota during the Hanoi bombings”, Robert Bly via

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