Once upon a time I opened my locker and hundreds of Valentine’s fell out…hundreds, just like they do in the movies… 


I was a week and two days from 16 and lost in teenage love with the simple romance of it all.  Who was it?  I still remember looking up to see if she was there waiting, watching, as the cards fell to the floor.  It was love, and I had no idea who slipped the tiny cards between the little slots in the locked door until they filled the empty spaces.  It doesn’t matter really.  She is a dream.

Some people say you can be in love with love.  Well, why not?  Why not love the way I love her stolen glance or the scent of a woman or those dark blue Sitka jeans and tall boots as I watch her walk away through the passenger door window when I drop her off four days a week with our little girl in the back seat singing, “Mama go to work.”  She is a dream too, my wife, but she is as real as the cards that scattered on the pale linoleum squares in my highschool hall on my way to class in the 10th grade and I love her every day just like the first time.

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One thought on “Valentine’s

  1. I did love this story. Maybe one of my favorite blog posts ever. It’s perfect.

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